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It should help you manage the HDD partitioning of your computer
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Magic Partition Home Edition is a free application which helps you manage the HDD partitioning of your computer, directly from Windows.
The program recognizes almost all existing disk types - IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB external disks, or RAID. I strongly recommend a backup to be performed before starting the operation, to prevent a potential error during the partitioning process. The program's menu is very well defined, consisting of nicely organized panes for performing different tasks. You have the possibility to change the name of an existing partition, defragment it, see its properties, and check it for errors. My advice is to select even the "Check and Fix Errors" option. With all preliminary actions in place, creating a new partition or resizing an existing one can be done easily. A click on "Move/resize partition" button lets you establish the partition's size, the measurement unit being Megabytes. The "Create Partition" section opens a window where you can see the space left unallocated. You can reconfigure it as you wish - in one single or multiple partitions.

Moreover, you can label the partition, set it as Primary or Logical, and select the file system (NTFS, FAT 32, FAT sor EXT). In case you have performed an operation which you decide to cancel, the Undo button could help you turn to a previous stage. After a short recheck of all selections, you can finish by pressing Apply.

As you would probably expect, the partitioning process should start... but here comes the surprise - nothing happens. You receive a warning message - now at this final stage - saying that you need to try a superior version, which obviously isn't free anymore. Having the above mentioned experience, should I trust and buy a higher edition? How can I know for sure that, in the end, I would not receive the same message, mentioning that I have other restrictions and I should look for a superior version? I consider that to be not fair at all. I mean, it is not an error message, caused by the program's malfunction. It is premeditated to waste your time. The other supplementary options like defragmenting, checking the partition for errors, viewing its properties, can be performed very well in Windows.

I see this program rather as a trial version of higher versions, with many restrictions provided. So, my conclusion about Magic Partition Home Edition is as follows: don't use the program... you will waste your time.

Amelia Wagner
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  • Nice interface


  • A superior version is required for actually partitioning the HDD
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